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Emily Streetman: Anthropology Doctoral Student

About Me

Emily (Niespodziewanski) Streetman joined the graduate program in the Department of Anthropology at Michigan State University in fall 2010. She is a doctoral candidate in physical anthropology with a focus on forensic anthropology under Todd W. Fenton, Ph.D, D-ABFA, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the MSU Forensic Anthropology Laboratory. Emily attended the JPAC-CIL FSA in fall 2013, served as MSUFAL laboratory manager in 2014-2015 and is currently writing her dissertation.

Her main skeletal sample is the MSU Nubian Bioarchaeological Collection, a medieval/Christian period cemetery collection from Mis Island in the fourth cataract of the Nile river in modern Sudan. This collection was excavated by the British Museum as part of the Merowe Dam Salvage Project in 2005 and 2006. Emily’s focus is on biological distance using cranial nonmetric traits.

Her specific interests in forensic anthropology center on human identification. Ongoing research projects include a co-authored papers on sex and subadult age in the MSU Nubian Bioarchaeological collection, estimation of ancestry in a Thai population, and a recently submitted book chapter on comparative medical radiography.

Outside interests include knitting, hockey, cooking, and PC gaming.

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